30 real workout rooms to inspire your home gym décor

30 real workout rooms to inspire your home gym décor

Amazing home gyms you’ll wish were yours

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Love to exercise but hate the monthly fees? No problem! From stylish but simple workout rooms to glitzy modern spaces fitted with the latest fitness equipment, take a look at these real home gyms. Click or scroll through and be inspired to create your very own workout haven…

Invest in luxury kit

Technogym / Luxdeco

Give yourself an incentive to put on your trainers and take on a workout by treating yourself to some luxury equipment. If you’re a serious fitness freak, or just an interiors buff who can’t stand the thought of ugly gym kit taking up space, then it’s well worth the extra investment. Arrange a curvaceous treadmill and kinesis machine that wouldn’t look out of place in the Tate Modern alongside minimal interiors featuring ultra-modern concrete surfaces and sleek wood flooring for the ultimate high-end workout space.

Create your own bubble


If alfresco workouts get your blood pumping but the weather often rains on your parade—quite literally—then building your own bubble in the back garden is a genius solution. This frameless pod blends the lines between inside and outside, meaning you can enjoy a garden workout any time of the year, rain or shine! Keep larger equipment in your pod for a permanent home gym setup or kit it out with yoga gear as a personal meditation pod.

Escape with a wall mural


The best way to get through a workout? Pretend you’re somewhere else! Help block out the burn by transporting yourself to distant lands, thanks to an inspirational wall mural. A vista of lush vineyards placed on a back wall of a home gym is sure to be a better distraction than concentrating on your grimaced squat face in the mirror. Or why not add your greatest vice—here it’s wine and cheese—as a reminder of the delicious rewards you’ve earned post workout?

Create a living wall

Kateryna / Airbnb

A living wall complete with a rugged rockery and lush ferns is the ideal organic backdrop for a home gym. The owner of this Airbnb has dedicated a section of the garage to holiday workouts by zoning the space with shock-absorbent flooring and has neatly lined up essential machines facing out to enjoy the view. While real plants will boost oxygen levels—perfect for exercising—artificial greenery will still brighten a utilitarian space. 

Build in a sauna

Finnleo Pure Sauna

A gym session doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Unwind after an intense session by integrating a sauna room into your home gym. According to Finnleo, a post-workout sauna will help to relieve tension, relax muscles and generally increase wellbeing. It’s also thought to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and hypertension. If space, why not add a built-in shower, too?

Convert a greenhouse

Wisconsin Greenhouse Company

Much like the garden pod, but on a grander scale, this luxury greenhouse is the perfect indoor/outdoor spot for a home gym. Imagine the exhilarating feel of working out in this all-glass structure surrounded by plants and trees. Remember to open the windows in summer, though, as it’s likely to heat up in there. Plus, it might not be the place to swing kettlebells around, just in case one goes flying!

Make it fit for royalty

Unique Home Stays

Give your home gym a few grand gestures with hanging chandeliers and gold mirrors. This fancy home gym complete with textured wallpaper and floor-installed up lighters is the luxurious fitness suite of residential Castle Trinity, so its ornate décor is in keeping with its surroundings. 

Add feminine flair

Lela Burris / Organized-ish

Who says home gyms have to be masculine? We love this compact home gym set-up created by Lela Burris of Organized-ish. Wood clad walls are painted a soft pink tone named ‘Breathless’ by Sherwin Williams, “which is a shade of pink I would never be brave enough to experiment with in the rest of my house,” explains Lela. A galvanised steel peg wall keeps gym equipment off the floor leaving room for a weights bench. 

Introduce an industrial edge

Cedar Hill Custom Homes

Exposed brick walls give this gym by Cedar Hill Custom Homes its rustic good looks. Black rail-fitted spotlights mounted on the ceiling add to the industrial style and offer extra light options in the relatively dark space. Plenty of floor mats keep the varnished wooden floor pristine and protects it from scuffs.

Give it an energising tone

Joe / Airbnb

Give plain gym walls a refreshing update by painting the walls a zesty shade of lime green like this home gym situated in ‘The Godfather mansion’—which appeared in the 1972 film—and is available to rent on Airbnb. Interlocking foam floor mats balance the bold colour and create the ideal soft surface to work out on. Team with eye-catching red and pink accents for colour clashing that won’t fail to stimulate the senses during your workout. A wall-mounted screen is perfect for streaming fitness tutorials, body-pumping music videos, or even your favourite soap opera to distract you from the burn.

Install funky lighting

John Cullen Lighting

Integrated LED lighting adds a fun element to this narrow home gym. A shot of colour is added with a long red numbered floor mat that follows the theme of the linear lights from John Cullen Lighting. Glass doors at one end of the workout room act as a mirror at night elongating the sense of space. This minimal look means no distractions while you focus on your training.

Divide a room


No space for a separate home gym? Integrate a workout spot into your living room without compromising your décor. Choose a see-through screen to create a separate gym area without blocking out the natural light, leaving you free to exercise or socialise in peace. Attach a barre aka adjustable curtain rod across your windows. Hide your equipment inside a textured storage basket and use the top as a tablet holder for online classes.​

Mount a vertical garden

Green Retreats

Give a tiny home gym an zen vibe by installing a living feature wall full of greenery. A real version will purify the air and help reduce the temperature, but will require regular upkeep. However, a faux version will inject rich natural colour yet requires very little maintenance. Whichever version you choose, the look will create a sense of well-being. Enhance the botanical Japandi style by adding wooden strip panels to adjacent walls.

Let in the light

Green Retreats

A garden room is an ideal place to use as a gym as wrap-around doors and windows will flood the gym space with light. This simple but stylish garden lodge by Green Retreats has had floor-to-ceiling mirrors installed opposite the glazing to enhance the sense of space and bounce light. Red gym equipment adds a shot of bright colour to the vast, minimal room.  

Make space for play

Green Retreats

Colourful and arty sports and music pictures adorn the walls of this light and bright home gym giving the plain white walls a bit of life. Various equipment sits on the edges of the room, freeing up space for floor workouts. This space combines work and play with a compact pool table and a wall-hung TV set that is perfect for some post-workout downtime. 

Highlight the ceiling

BK Interior Design

Opting for a smart and focused theme for your workout space, like this pretty grey and white gym, will help get you in the zone. White walls, a practical storage unit, and contrasting grey woodwork by BK Interior Design create a simple yet classic looking set-up. But the striking feature in this gym is indeed the ceiling. The fun design element created with plaid wallpaper makes the room dashing, fresh and inviting. 

Pop out to a gym pod

Hully Pods

This super simple workout studio with a curved roof is similar to popular glamping pods we are now familiar with. The pastel blue feature wall and curved wood walls of the Hully pod give the room a light and airy feel to it, complete with cute potted plants in the corner for a bit of nature. A small open shelving unit doesn’t clutter up the compact space and stores neatly folded towels.

Add a touch of glamour

@randigarretdesign / Instagram

We’re obsessed with this elegant white-walled gym belonging to Randi Garret, complete with polished hardwood floors. The white trimmed walls, jewelled ceiling lights and framed mirrors make this workout space look glamorous and high-end. However, it’s still a serious exercise space, with a bench press, treadmill, yoga ball and gym rack. The adjoining space even contains a large weights area for bodyweight training. Big windows and the archways provide plenty of natural light, which is sure to help you wake up and start the day with a great morning workout.

Style a studio sanctuary

@jennyreimold / Instagram

The need for sleep was the inspiration for a mum of seven to create her own fitness studio garage conversion. This cool, monochrome gym with geometric patterned walls is the best argument we can think of for decluttering a garage. With a statement Sputnik-style chandelier, a gorgeous hardwood floor and a painted-brick band by the floor, it’s a triumph of interior design but more importantly, it’s got everything you need to get in regular exercise every day. We feel inspired!

Fill it with uplifting greenery

@courtneykillam / Instagram

There’s something very appealing about this humble home gym. The neutral walls and stylish hardwood floors are both calming and sophisticated, but it’s the abundant foliage that really gives this gym its character. Bringing houseplants into your home gym will give your room a bit more colour, purify the air and may also help boost your mood as you exercise. This clever scheme also uses half-size mirrors positioned perfectly (a top way to save if you’re doing your own) and has protected the lovely flooring with rubber mats. 

Add wow with a wall decal

@amypushedplay / Instagram

We love this idea of transforming a plain wall with a wall decal. Easy to apply and remove, you can go for words of encouragement in bold black typography or something more abstract to give a bare scheme some visual interest. Exposed brick also adds texture to this cool corner, with the weight rack perfectly positioned to make the most of the awkward space. 

Combine your passions

Green Retreats

This cool gym with its comfy blue sofa and flat-screen TV is the perfect place to train hard, then relax and unwind. The modern box room holds a lot of different equipment meaning two people could easily work out in here at the same time. With its crisp white walls, practical laminate flooring and bright overhead ceiling lights, it’s a functional and minimal space with everything you need in a gym: full-length mirrors to check your position, a kettlebell rack, and even lockers for storage. Best of all, the wall-mounted guitar shows that this room is multipurpose, a space devoted to personal passions. What’s better than that?

Embrace minimalism

@jessicadavisdesign / Instagram

Sleek and stylish, this all-white modern basement gym by Jessica Davis Design is one for the minimalists. A standout walnut staircase leads down towards the workout room, encased with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, which creates the illusion of extra space. Fitted out with a workout bench, rowing machine, treadmill, and a TV, the room still feels light and airy thanks to the all-white epoxy floors and white ceiling. It would be an extremely zen place to do your morning routine! 

Invest in a custom build

Green Retreats

Here’s one for the serious exercisers: a custom-built garden room designed with your own perfect gym layout. The room is clean and modern with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a stylish pale wooden floor and a white panelled ceiling. Plus, a built-in air-conditioning unit means that you can use the room for almost any kind of exercise, all year round. 

Kit it out like a pro

Volt Fitness

This roomy gym has everything you could possibly want or need for a great workout. On the weight training side of the room, what looks like a shockproof floor has been installed to prevent any damage to the hardwood. This gym by Volt Fitness features an impressive collection of weights and dumbbells stored neatly in the corner, alongside a clever mini fridge to keep your drinks nice and cold. From a full Smith machine to a classic rowing machine and treadmill, this gym is perfect for letting off some steam without fighting over equipment. 

Create an aerial yoga haven

@aerialpractice / Instagram

Aerial acrobats don’t often get to train at home so this dedicated room with specialist space is a rare treat, allowing two people to hang out together! This gym keeps things simple with less equipment with just a neat corner storage unit, a large mirror and a mellow sage green feature wall, leaving plenty of space for stretching, dancing and aerial yoga. Keep your workout room low-key and minimal to get rid of any unwanted distractions—it will help utilise the space you do have, regardless of size.

Design a stylish basement gym

@ourdailytribe / Instagram

We love this large modern home gym filled with enough essentials for you to work out alone or with friends. Some of the equipment, like the leg press machine on the left, is multi-purpose, which is a great idea for spaces smaller than this one. Rubber flooring throughout means that every inch of the room is exercise-proof and the large mirrors let you check your squat positions. 

Convert an old workshop

@charlottemusha / Instagram

Any sort of room can be converted into a home gym, as this former workshop transformed by Charlotte Musha of Home And Garden Things proves. A neutral grey and white colour scheme is brightened up with the bright orange equipment with multiple downlighters providing excellent task lighting in key areas. Two large rubber mats divide up the space and provide a secure flooring option for weights, hula hooping and steps. Having a whiteboard or blackboard on the wall is a great way to keep track of your goals, organise your workout routines and keep yourself motivated with some encouraging slogans to help you stay focused.

Install a climbing wall

@officialmetrie / Instagram

The back wall of this workout room has cleverly been transformed into a mini climbing area, great for building core strength. Ceiling-mounted hooks for pull-ups and resistance training have been also installed, making the most of every inch of space. A classic treadmill, two exercise bikes and a gym ball mean there are lots of exercises to choose from and plenty of room for friends and family to exercise, too.

Let of steam with a punch bag

@athomewithkaraallen / Instagram

With cool industrial-style furnishings and a clean black and white colour scheme, this gym strikes the perfect balance between form and function. From the reclaimed sign to the practical bench with hooks and storage shelves, the space looks put together and there’s a place for everything. Plus, is there anything cooler than having your own personal punch bag for when you need to let off some steam? We think not.

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